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'Molossi d'Eburon' refers to the former inhabitants of Tongeren, the city in Belgium where our kennel is located.

Kennel dei Molossi d'Eburon was founded in 2010, but we own dogs from this wonderful breed since 1999. My first Cane Corso was Zoë, a young female that we adopted from the shelter. Unfortunately we lost her less than 3 years later when she died after an accident with a car.

With Zoë the love for the breed was born and it did not take long before a puppy came to live with us. This was Atilla but also this special dog left us many years too soon, before he was 4 years old he died because of a stomach torsion.

The loss of these two dogs was hard to deal with and I hesitated about taking another Corso. For 6 months our APBT females Jenna and Luca were the only dogs we had but in the summer of 2005 i went to the southwest of France to pick up Arek.
This marvellous dog with whom i have an incredible strong bond made my love for the breed even bigger. Arek achieved great results at show in Belgium and abroad, his intelligence and strong will to please made him excell in obedience too. Through the years he was used by other kennels as stud male. When Arek was 3 years old we imported Mauri and later Vendetta and Nina.

In 2010 we retained a male from our first litter. Jaws dei Molossi d'Eburon (Belgian Champion-Dutch Champion- International Champion-Dutch Junior Champion and Vice European Junior Champion) took in exterior and character the best of both parents Arek and Mauri. The perfect dog does not excist and also Jaws has some points that we would like to see improved in future generations. His victories and titles, but most of all the appreciation of several specialists are giving us much satisfaction and it is our goal to continue in our breeding program with this kind of type, construction, health and character.

Knowledge of a breed you can not only get by reading books, browwsing the internet or by watching your own dogs in the backyard. It is important to visit kennels, big events and to keep in touch with Corso people to share experience and knowledge. The thought of a breeder that he knows and has seen & done everything is dangerous and not healthy for a kennel. It should be a process that never comes to an end because there always will be something to learn, see or do. For me personally the highlights of trips i made the past years were my visit to Puglia (2009) and Calabria (2012), both regions where the breed has its origins.

Because we love the personal and familial atmosphere of our kennel and because we want to keep giving each dog the attention he or she deserves, we are not able to offer puppies throughout the whole year. Our intention is to breed few times a year a litter from thoughtful combinations, for which we won't spare efforts or costs.
Our contacts with respected breeders enable us to help you with the search for a suitable puppy if we don't have puppies available. People who wish to orient themselves in the breed are also welcome to visit us. Sharing experience and knowledge about our beloved breed is part of our passion!

We hope you will enjoy your visit here, don't hesitate to contact us for more information. If you like our homepage and you want to share your appreciation, you are welcome to leave a message in our guestbook.

certified breeder, Syntra 2007-2009
certified dog trainer, KKUSH 2004

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