Meraviglia dei Molossi d'Eburon


Più Bella Cosa dei Molossi d'Eburon

NAME: Più Bella Cosa dei Molossi d'Eburon
AKA: Più
GENDER: female
PEDIGREE: LOSH in demand
BREEDER: Katja Chtuka
D.O.B.: january 25, 2016
COLOR: brindle

SIRE: Jch Rus Best Line Domingo Drago
DAM: Meraviglia dei Molossi d'Eburon

CHARACTER: strong temperament, strong minded, intelligent, not easily impressed, enthusiast, attached to her family


Più is the daughter of Wicca and Drago, and represents the third generation born at Molossi d'Eburon, with in her pedigree mostly dogs that we own or knew well. Her grandfather Jaws gave his stamp to this young female, whose expression is very similar to his.

Più's complete name is Più Bella Cosa, named to the song of Eros Ramazzotti. (, which means 'the most beautiful of Molossi d'Eburon'.

Più is curious, strong minded and full of temperament. Yet at young age it is obvious that she has a strong character as she doesn't fear the confrontation with most of our adult females in the pack.

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