Pericula non timeo dei Molossi d'Eburon


Pericula non timeo dei Molossi d'Eburon

NAME: Pericula non timeo dei Molossi d'Eburon
AKA: Ego
PEDIGREE: LOSH in demand
D.O.B.: july 5, 2016

COLOR: Black brindle

SIRE: Jango
DAM: Narek Descendant d'Ares

CHARACTER: Strong minded, intelligent, full of temperament, affectionate


Pericula non timeo is Latin and means 'I don't fear danger', a name that fits perfect for this boy that is strong minded and full of temperament. We call him 'Ego', referring to his proud and confident attitude.

Ego was born as fifth puppy in the first litter of Fjury, from which the Italian Jango is the father. In the litter he was the puppy with the brown collar who captured my attention soon. The combination Fjury x Jango gave us pups with a typical expression, Ego is not the exception in this, and this makes it for us even more interesting to let him be part of our future!

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