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Our dogs in the first German book about the Cane Corso!

In spring 2012 we were contacted by Mrs. Hartleb with the question if we allowed her to use pictures from our dogs for the first German book about the Cane Corso which she was working on. Mrs. Hartleb was born in German but lives sinces years in Italy, passionated by the Cane Corso Italiano.
Of course we agreed. I was happy that she already chose the the pictures she wanted to use because i would never be able to make a selection myself ;-)
One year later we were contacted by Mrs. Hartleb again, her work was finished. A couple of weeks later we received our own book by post.

Arek, Mauri, Nina, Jaws, Juno, Drago and Kobra can be found in this book on large size colorpictures. We are more than proud to see our dogs -from our little kennel in the small Belgium- between pictures from dogs owned and bred by famous Italian kennels.
The pictures are not the only part responsable for the high quality of this book. It gives a very complete and detailled information about our beloved breed. We can recommand it to all lovers of the breed who understand the German language!

Margit Hartleb „Der Cane Corso Italiano“ Gebundene Ausgabe: 308 Seiten Verlag: Casalta10, Eigenverlag der Autorin (April 2013) Sprache: Deutsch ISBN-978-3-00-041356-8 Preis: 39,50 € zzgl. Versandkosten.

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